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Frequently Asked Questions
Can my child participate in Millwood’s Inner league Team without playing on the PGA Junior League Traveling Team?

Yes, The PGA Junior Traveling League Team is a branch of the overall Millwood Inner league Team.  The Inner league Team includes all juniors in the Millwood Junior Team Program.  In addition, those on the traveling team are encouraged to participate in the Millwood inner league practices and matches to acquire additional experience.  Millwood’s Inner league matches will be formatted similarly to the PGA Traveling League Matches, Inner league matches will be scheduled at Millwood.

Can my child play in Inner league Competitions without being on the Team?

Juniors must join the team to be involved with inner league competitions.  You are welcome to join the team at any point during the season by paying the Team fee of $60.

How many Players are on the Millwood PGA Junior Traveling Golf Team?

PGA Junior League Team will be limited to the first 12 Registered Players.  If there is interest of 20-24 players, 2 teams will be established through the PGA League.

What is the additional cost to be on the PGA League Traveling Team?

The Fee will be $175 for the season, some away facilities may have additional facility fees when the team travels.  Home matches will only have a fee for food function after golf competition.

What does my child receive for participating in the PGA JLG program?

Each player will receive a PGA JLG team golf jersey, golf balls, flag stickers (after winning a 3 hole segment), and a PGA JLG bag tag. Players will participate in 5-6 regular season competitions, with 2 or 3 away matches being held at other golf clubs in your league.

What is the age cutoff date?

The PGA JLG program is designed for boys and girls 13 and under. Team Captains have the discretion to allow skilled younger players to play up on the team (the recommended age range is 9-13 though some 7 and 8 year olds play up if able). A player cannot be 14 years of age prior to August 1, 2014.

How does my child get to his/her matches?

Just as in any recreational sports league, it is the responsibility of each participant’s parent/guardian to get them to and from home and away matches during the regular season, and postseason matches.

Will my son and daughter be using the same tee boxes?

Yes. All participants tee-off using the same tee boxes, regardless of age or gender. These designated tees will be “youngster” friendly, and history shows that girls in this age group compete quite favorably against the boys.

What does a competition consist of?

Each competition is team vs. team format consisting of four 9-hole matches. The format for each match is a two-player scramble, divided into three 3-hole segments called “Flags”. Each “Flag” is worth one point, and alternates are allowed to sub in at the beginning of each new “Flag” (Holes 4 and 7). Players are assigned to a specific match at the beginning of the competition, and may play only within that match.  It is also required that every junior play at least one “Flag.”

Will I be able to watch my son/daughter participate?

It is highly encouraged for parents, family and friends join the team as they walk and play a 9-hole match. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to have no less than 4 parents/adults per match as a “scorekeeper”.

How can I get involved with my son/daughter PGA JLG Team?

Volunteers are appreciated in several areas of PGA JLG, please contact Team Captain, Chris Obert for Volunteer opportunities. (Match Monitors/Scorekeepers, Team-Mothers, Coaches)

My child has only played in medal/stroke competitions. How does the scoring work with the PGA JLG team concept?
  • Each three-hole segment of a match is called a “Flag”
  • Matches consist of 9-holes, or 3 “Flags”
  • 1 point is awarded per “Flag”, 3 points available per match
  • 4 total matches per competition
  • 12 total points awarded per competition
Will my child get to play in each match?

Every player attending a PGA JLG competition will play in a match. Teams must have a minimum of 8 players to start a match. Each player in attendance must play at least one “Flag” (3-hole segment). Alternates will be allowed at the beginning of each new “Flag” (Holes 4 and 7). Players must stay with the original match they are assigned to.◦If a “Flag” is tied, a half point is awarded to each team.

How long will each match take?

Each match will consist of 9-holes of scramble play, and will last approximately 2.25 hours.

What is the format for Postseason play?

While PGA-JLG is designed to be more recreational than competitive, it is important to keep “role model” players involved in the program so that we are able to provide positive peer mentoring for those younger players being introduced to golf competition.

All-Star Team selection: At the end of your regular-season play, a league champion team will be crowned. The league champion Captain will be the Captain of your league’s All-Star team. JLG National HQ mandated that every team in a league have a representative on your league’s all-star team. There will be 10 spots available on the all-star team roster. Most leagues award the spots as follows: 6-team league: Championship team gets 4 all-star spots, Runner-up gets 2 all-star spots, and each of the remaining 4 teams gets 1 all-star