hyaluronic acid collagen hydrating face mask

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hyaluronic acid collagen hydrating face mask

Hydrating, plump skin
The Skin Republic Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen Face Sheet Mask is an easy to use sheet mask that’s made well and comes soaked in a generous amount of solution.

The mask itself is made well and fits the face well, leaving a cool, refreshing feeling. It adheres to the skin nicely and doesn’t feel as though it’ll slip or fall off. It’s recommended you apply the mask for 15-20 mins, however I find my the 20 min mark, the mask is still quite damp so i usually leave it on for a little longer.

Once removed, my skin looks and feels hydrated and plump. I find that this feeling lasts a good day or two.
Hydrating face mask
Have tried a few different masks from the skin republic range and thought I’d try the Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen one as it was on special for half price.

The mask is easy to use apply to a cleansed face, relax for 15-20 minutes while using this. Do not rinse off after use. The mask contains Hyaluronic acid for hydration and to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and firm the skin.

Skin feels soft smooth and hydrated after using this, use the excess serum on neck, hands and decolletage afterwards. Would repurchase also great to use when travelling to rejuvinate your skin.



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Perfect for special occasions, or everyday gorgeousness
This was my first go at a sheet mask and I loved the experience, and this product. I did make sure no one else was home at the time, as it does look a bit freaky when on the face, but otherwise the sheet mask idea is a winner.

The mask itself feels very strong, so at no point did I worry about ripping it. I spent a moment figuring out which way was up, but other than that very small issue, application was a dream.

There was loads of extra serum in the pack, so after the obligatory 20 minutes on the face, I folded up the mask, popped it back in the pack and pegged it up for another day.

So glad I did.

After one use, my skin looked amazing- glowing and fresh. Makeup applied like a dream. After 2 uses, it was definitely improved again. So don’t be afraid to get that extra use out of it!

Fantastic hydrating sheet mask
Having used the SKII and dolce and gabbana sheet masks for some time now I searched for more affordable alternatives for fornightly use. I managed to find these masks online and was quite skeptical about the quality given the price. I purchased 2 and applied them both that week, (on the recommendation of a facialist, ( 2 masks a week for 4 weeks and then one every 2 weeks)). I was pleasantly surprised and purchased enough to get me through the next 6 months!!!
I received this mask in a Priceline gift bag.
This mask was easy to unfold and apply.
I really like the overall fit of the mask however it did start to slip down my face about 10mins in the application.

The scent was very mild but pleasant.
The mask left my skin feeling moisturised but not too tacky.
There is a lot of extra product, I left it in the pouch and used it on my face and neck the next day.