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In this study, we designed a hollow metal microneedle for reliable intradermal injection and developed a high-throughput micromolding process to produce metal microneedles with complex geometries. To fabricate the microneedles, we laser-ablated a 70 μm square cavity near the tip of poly(lactic acid-co-glyoclic acid) (PLGA) microneedles.
The master structure was a template for multiple micromolded PLGA replicas. Each replica was sputtered with a gold seed layer with minimal gold deposited in the cavity due to masking effects. In this way, nickel was electrodeposited selectively outside of the cavity, after which the polymer replica was dissolved to produce a hollow metal microneedle.
Force-displacement tests showed the microneedles, with 12 μm thick electrodeposition, could penetrate skin with an insertion force 9 times less than their axial failure force. We injected fluid with the microneedles into pig skin in vitro and hairless guinea pig skin. The injections targeted 90% of the material within the skin with minimal leakage onto the skin surface.

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Beierplasm pen k85

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    Tuberculin (PPD) and the Mantoux technique of intradermal injection, which typically …. The MicronJet600 microneedle and attachment to a standard syringe.
    An easy-to-use, consistent and efficient intradermal solution for nearly … MicronJet600 microneedle allows for a nearly painless injection.
    ​In an effort to spare diabetics the pain of performing daily finger-prick blood glucose tests, various groups have developed continuous blood-sugar monitoring systems. Swedish scientists now believe that they may have improved on such technology, utilizing a skin patch that sports a tiny needle.

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