Skin Analyzer Function


1) Hair and skin Analyzer

2)One for hair , the other for skin analysis

3)High correct rate

4)5 inches LCD screen



It has two lens : one for hair and another is for skin (50 times magnifying len for skin testing , the other is 200 times magnifying len for hair testing)

1:Analyzing the skin and hair condition of the damage and nutribution along with skin oil ,normal,dry ,dark and so on skin and hair types .

2:It will be very convenient for beautician to carry it .

3:The resul is accurate by high definition camara which is specialized in the analysis of skin or hair quality,oil and moisture and nutrition,then beautician can take the right teatment to care the skin or hair according to the result of before and after!

Skin and Hair Application

• Simple and highly effective way to show clients the condition of their hair or scalp

• The live image motivates clients to act on problem areas

• Most affordable and simple model perfect for any hair care professional

• Results of hair care treatments can be easily reviewed over multiple client visits to ensure effectiveness or alter treatment.

External voltage: 110/120-220/240V

Power: 2W

Warranty: one year

Product: Skin & hair test

Frequency: 50-60Hz

o you can score multiple benefits with one bottle.subcutaneous fat as well as extruded capillary vessel,increase lymphatic drainage,promote metabolism and reduce or shrink the size of the actual fat chamber,thereby greatly improving body shaping effect.


The software is auxiliary tool of multi-functional skin analyzing system used for managing and updating products. We can add, delete and revise three kinds of language products and revise brand and nursing type and others through the software. At the same time, we can export and update pack, carry out quick and easy product information updates, so that company and headquarter can very conveniently manage and train.

Instrument Characteristics
l Imaging system: USA 1/3.25 inch CMOS;

l Hardware: 8 mega pixel;

l Maximum resolution:1600*1200;

l Magnification factor: 50 times;

l Operating temperature: 10-40 ℃;

l Operating humidity: below 80%;

l Power supply: USB 5V;

l USB 2.0 port, plug and play, no need driving

Product Introduction

1. Hardware:

1) Parameters

a) Imaging System: USA 1/3.25 inch CMOS;

b) Hardware: 5 mega pixel;

c) Maximum Resolution: 1600*1200;

d) Magnification Factor: 50 times;

e) Operating Temperature: 10-40 °C;

f) Operating Humidity: Below 80%;

g) Power Supply: USB 5V;

3) Function

a) High definition, good color rendition, high color purity without color cast;

b) Function of Key: freeze/recover frame view and snapshot;

c) Skin surface detection;

d) Skin base layer detection;

e) Skin UV detection;

f) Free switch-over among three functions with keys;

g) Complete with dedicated lighting system independent of external light;

h) Indicator light available for indication of current function;

i) Provided with dust proof cover.

2. Software: Multifunction Skin Analysis System

1) Function:

a) Automatic analysis items: complexion, moisture, oil content, texture, wrinkle and pore;

b) observed items: allergy, pigment, macula, red blood streak and inflammation;

c) Specialized membership management column is available;

d) Hints, instructions and advice are available;

e) Specialized product management column is available;

f) Skin age, fineness index and health index are available;

g) Printable report is available;

Instrument Specification
l High definition, good color reducibility and high color purity without color cast;

l Photo-taking push-button function: freezing frame picture, restoring picture for browsing and photo-taking;

l Skin surface layer test;

l Skin bottom layer test;

l Skin UV test;

l Switchover button can freely switch among the above three functions;

l Self-owned lighting facilities, no need relying on the light of the external environment when using it;

l With indicator light indicating current functions;

l With dust cover.

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