Millwood Golf & Racquet Club provides its Members with unmatched amenities and exceptional service.  Members of all ages look forward to our year-round Social Events. It is the place for Family Fun and Fitness and the Social Center for your Whole Family. There’s simply no better Club in the 417 area for a well-rounded experience. Enjoy everything Millwood Golf & Racquet Club has to offer! Enjoy being where the staff knows your name and caters to your individual needs.

Please call Abby Schumacher at either the Office, (417) 889-4200, or her Cell Phone, (417) 425-7866, or click here to inquire about our affordable Membership opportunities.

Membership Application Fee     $250 Download Application, please click on the form below.



Golfers have enjoyed the challenge of Millwood’s Championship Course since 1995 and the Tradition continues from the moment you approach the tee to our 134 slope rating, our course is tough enough, but not too hard to scare the average golfer. Millwood has something for everyone who is looking for a great Golfing experience.

Full Golf
Initiation Fee $2500     |      Monthly Dues $394 + tax     |     $50 Food & Beverage Minimum

Senior Golf
Initiation Fee $1500     |      Monthly Dues $358 + tax     |     $50 Food & Beverage Minimum

Single Golf
Initiation Fee $1500     |      Monthly Dues $281 + tax      |     $50 Food & Beverage Minimum

Associate Single Golf

Initiation Fee $500     |      Ages 30-35     Monthly Dues $215  + tax      |     $50 Food & Beverage Minimum
Initiation Fee $500     |      Ages 21-29     Monthly Dues $182  + tax      |     $50 Food & Beverage Minimum

Associate Full Golf

Initiation Fee $500     |      Ages 30-35     Monthly Dues $251 + tax     |     $50 Food & Beverage Minimum
Initiation Fee $500     |      Ages 21-29     Monthly Dues $215 + tax     |     $50 Food & Beverage Minimum

* Cart Fees not included


Our Social Membership offers full uses of the Clubhouse, including Dining at The 19th Grille and Pub, the Member’s Lounge, complete Fitness Center access, our Resort and Competitive Pools, Meeting Rooms, and Tennis Courts. Members of all ages look forward to Family Social Events year round! And, there’s no shortage of Special Events like Holiday Brunches with Santa and the Easter Bunny, Kids’ Halloween Party, and Family Fun Night’s in the Summer.

Social Membership
Initiation Fee $1000     |     Monthly Dues $145 + tax     |     $50 Food & Beverage Minimum


Corporate Golf Memberships are for businesses that are organized legal entities, actively engaged in a trade or business. The Corporation must appoint a person or persons that will have the authority to decide the status and direction of this Membership, along with determining the users under the provisions set forth. Membership Categories can then apply to a Corporate Membership Plan which can be customized for each Corporation. The dues structure will be determined by the Membership Category for each user. Please call for more information.

*All Memberships require a Two-year Contract. There is a $250 one time, non-refundable, Application Fee that applies to all Memberships. Membership By-Laws, Restrictions and Regulations apply to all Memberships.

*Membership categories, structures and fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Management of Millwood Golf & Racquet Club.